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Shop Policies & FAQ

All earrings and rings are handmade by me! 

Most posts and dangles are all nickel free and hypoallergenic—silver & gold coated sterling silver/steel or titanium. However, there are a few brass hooks that I use on larger earrings. If you have any questions about metals used on an earring, please send me a message. 



Please understand that each piece is handcrafted from polymer clay or epoxy resin and due to the nature of these materials, all earrings are subject to very minuscule imperfections. These imperfections in no way compromise the integrity or functionality of the pieces. 

Since each earring is handmade, I cannot accept returns on clay/resin jewelry. Should your pair of earrings arrive in the mail damaged or broken, I will be more than happy to replace them with another pair. Simply email me and we can handle it on a case by case situation. I kindly ask that you take photos of the damaged earrings (as they arrived in the mail) and I will happily send a new pair!

If your earrings break within 5 days of receiving your package I will provide you with a suitable replacement but return shipping is the buyers responsibility. 

All standard shipping takes 3-4 business days. If you need an order to be expedited, please choose the appropriate shipping time option. 


Brass Elements

 If you have a brass element please take care and do not expose to water. If item gets wet, please dry immediately to help keep your piece shiny and spot free. If item starts to tarnish there are a few ways you can "clean" your brass piece. (courtesy of

  • Warm Water & Soap - This is one of the easiest methods for naturally cleaning brass jewelry. Starting off with warm water and a small amount of liquid dish soap, use your fingers or a soft toothbrush to gently scrub the surface of your item with soapy water. Once you have finished scrubbing off the grime, rinse the item thoroughly until the water runs smoothly over the surface. Be sure to dry the metal well afterward.
  • Ketchup & Worcestershire - Both ketchup and Worcestershire sauce would do quite a number on the grime covering your jewelry. Use your fingers or a soft toothbrush to gently rub the sauce across the item. Once it is completely covered, let your jewelry sit for a minute. Rinse off all residue of the sauce, if the piece doesn’t look as clean as you would like it to, go ahead and try the process a second time. Once it has reached your desired cleanliness level, rinse and dry well. 
  • Lemon Juice - First, pour one cup of water into a container. Squeeze half a lemon and pour the lemon juice into the water. Then add and stir in a teaspoon of salt until dissolved. Place your jewelry in the mixture and keep an eye on it until it has reached cleanliness. Wash off the item and dry completely.


Using natural cleaning remedies is a cost-effective and safe alternative to harsh chemical cleansers that are available. 

  •  Brasso - Not an all natural remedy but it will clean almost all metals! It is available at most Home Improvement stores and some craft stores. 


Polymer Clay

Store in a dry/clean place. Do not submerge in water. Keep your piece free from creams, perfumes and oil based products. If your piece gets dirty, rub with a soft wet cloth. For makeup stains, clean with a touch of rubbing alcohol. 

Please take care of your new purchase. They are fragile and may break if dropped or bent. 



Resin is a sturdy product and can withstand water, but it is advised to remove before showering or swimming. Do not expose to direct sunlight for long periods or time and keep out extreme heat as this can warp the resin. If this happens and the piece is still warm, you can gently bend the piece back and store at cooler temperature until hardened again. 


Electroformed Copper Rings

Electroformed copper rings are initially treated with a protective coating to keep it nice and shiny. However, with extended wear the coating will rub off on areas in contact with your skin.When your copper is not in use, store in plastic bags to slow the tarnishing process. Make sure your jewelry is clean and moisture free before storing. You may want to include an anti-tarnish tab with your ring in the bag.

Top rules for copper jewelry: 

    -    Do not expose copper jewelry to water or any type of solvent
    -    Remove all jewelry before showering or bathing
    -    Do not wear jewelry while swimming

The best way to bring back luster to any piece of jewelry is to use a jewelry polishing cloth that can be easily purchased at most jewelry stores, online, and at many drugstores.  

For a deeper cleaning of oxidized or tarnished copper, here are a few copper cleaning tips, you can use any of these acid based household products:

  • Vinegar - (White, Apple Cider, Wine, Balsamic) Place the item in a glass or plastic container (not metal). Pour enough vinegar until it completely covers the piece. Let stand for about 10-15 minutes.  Rinse. Dry and polish with a soft, dry cloth.  
  • Lemon or Lime Juice - Follow the directions used above for vinegar but add salt.
  • Worcestershire Sauce or Ketchup Apply it with a toothbrush or soft cloth, then rinse thoroughly. Avoid getting ketchup on gemstones if at all possible.

If you are determined to prevent your copper jewelry from changing color, you can consider coating it with a clear lacquer or nail polish after you have cleaned it and let it dry. This will create a physical barrier to keep the copper from interacting with the atmosphere and your skin. 

If you embrace the natural patina in copper and love the look of it as it ages, feel free to let your piece age gracefully. 


Please reach out to me directly at or on Instagram messenger @resplendentresins if anything goes wrong with your piece.

Lastly, if you love your piece, show it off by using #resplendentresins or tagging me in your photos. I'd love to see these out in the world :)